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President's Message

I am both very proud and extremely humbled to serve as your President of the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter - Appraisal Institute for 2014. Thank you all for entrusting me with this position; I hope to build on the excellent work of my predecessor, C. Richard Tobias, MAI, and other recent past presidents such as David Lemonde, SRA, Cliff Bowen, SRA, Karen Goforth, MAI, and Sandy Adomatis, SRA.

I’m confident we are going to have a productive 2014 as we have a fine group of officers: Mike Jonas, MAI of Naples, Secretary Mary Patterson, SRA, Bradenton  and Don Saba, SRA, Sarasota.  Leading the education program this year is Gary F. Scott, SRPA, SRA.

We also have a strong board of directors that includes some seasoned members like Brad Johnson, MAI of Tampa, Mike McKinley, SRA of Clearwater (and former chapter president), and Dr. Dan Richardson, PhD, MAI of St. Petersburg but also younger folks such as Patricia Staebler, SRA of Bradenton, Wes Sanders, MAI of St. Petersburg, Brian Zamorski, MAI of Tampa and new board members Geri Armalavage, MAI, Naples and Julie Story, Tallahassee.  And of course, we are underpinned by our dedicated Executive Director, Nancy Bachor, who makes all things work.

One of our most esteemed members, Shawn Wilson, MAI is currently serving as Chair of Region X and will let our voices be heard in Chicago and we are so very grateful for her dedication and leadership in the profession.

These are all the folks I have worked under and learned from as director, officer and region representative. These are your leaders who have built this chapter into one of the largest and strongest chapters in the Appraisal Institute (some 575 members, candidates, and affiliates from Naples to Pensacola). They have volunteered countless hours over the past years in board meetings, budget planning sessions, Region X meetings, chapter meetings and other events and I hope you will acknowledge their efforts on your behalf.

 Our focus for 2014 will be to promote the Appraisal Institute brand and designations.   

 We have increased our budget this year in the area of sponsorships to raise the awareness and profile of AI and the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter; these sponsorships are with solid recognized, real estate organizations such as CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) and CCIM Institute. Last year, we manned a booth as a Silver Sponsor of the CCIM 2013 Annual Outlook Conference in Tampa. We had many participants pick up our AI material including our educational offerings summary. This is a Win/Win outreach to a group that can boost attendance at our classes and seminars in a non-recertification year. And, by the way, CCIM members are instrumental to commercial appraisers in terms of accurate market data, confirmation of sales, and business development. We were also a Silver Sponsor at a similar CCIM conference in Ft. Myers on January 24, 2013 spearheaded by our Secretary Mike Jonas, MAI. Please let us know of other sponsorship opportunities (particularly in the residential sector) where we can expand our brand identification and networking.

Bringing it back to the local level, please avail yourself of some of the logo shirts and jackets, etc. from Lands End that promote AI; wear them on your property inspections and meetings with clients. I have had good reactions from folks in the field and have to believe it builds our brand- remember, the other folks in the industry have no identification.

We all get emails and calls from potential clients; sometime the property location or type may be at the fringe of our comfort area. In these instances, I urge you to access our recently enhanced chapter directory on the website and direct that client to some AI colleagues, who may be better suited to perform the assignment. Let’s not let work get outside of our chapter or AI; our members are the best educated and best equipped to produce the most credible appraisals.

Gary Scott, SRPA, SRA and his education committee have put together a fine schedule of offerings throughout 2014; we have strived to select the courses and seminars that members will want to attend and we have tried to spread the venues throughout our sprawling chapter. Please try to avail yourselves of these educational opportunities and also take advantage of the discounted registration fees for chapter-sponsored education, conferences with CCIM, CREW, and other groups. I guarantee that the networking opportunities at these events will more than justify the cost.

Please call or email me anytime with your questions, concerns, or comments; (813) 269-5777,  









2014 Chapter President - Woodman S. Herr, MAI